Force vs. Power

There’s a difference between force + power. ⁣

When it comes to leadership, much of what we see modeled is FORCE. ⁣

It’s domination⁣.

It’s hierarchical⁣.

Power is different. ⁣

Power doesn’t need to force. It flows. ⁣

Power doesn’t have to demand. It commands. ⁣

Power is self-connected, self-led and exudes an essence sooo wildly + inexplicably magnetic that other people cannot resist her presence. ⁣

There is no force that can dominate that power. ⁣

There is no force that can dominate TRUE POWER.

The problem is, many of us have been programmed to believe force IS power. ⁣

We have been programmed to believe that we have to MAKE IT happen. ⁣

We have been conditioned to see one another as threats + therefore we operate with a mindset of destruction over collaboration. ⁣

We have been trained forget the power of our partnership. ⁣

Partnership with ourselves⁣.

Partnership with one another⁣.

Partnership with the work that we want to do in the world⁣.

We have been trained to separate, to isolate, and to destroy. ⁣

I was and I did. ⁣

For years I saw every person (specifically women) I met as a threat + competition.⁣

⁣For years I didn’t trust myself + I definitely didn’t trust you.⁣

⁣The “forces that be” don’t want us to remember what happens when we come together collectively. ⁣

⁣They stay in power when we stay disempowered. ⁣

Here’s what I learned…⁣

Force is fear disguised as power. ⁣

True power is found inside of our connection to ourselves and each other. ⁣

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