I want you to know that it is okay if…⁣

▪️You haven’t yet figured out your 2022 word of the year⁣
▪️You did not begin a new workout routine or go for a walk today⁣
▪️You haven’t thought about — let alone mapped out your goals for the new year⁣
▪️You haven’t reflected on last years wins + lessons⁣
▪️You haven’t begun the journey of completely reinventing yourself⁣

 It is okay if you have. ⁣

The point isn’t to check off boxes of what people who you think have their shit together do during the last week of December + the first day of January. ⁣
The point is to slow down + check in. ⁣
▪️What feels good to YOU in this moment?⁣
▪️What choice feels in alignment with how YOU want to feel?⁣
▪️What do YOU want right now?⁣
I promise you, the practice of spending quiet time with yourself, checking in + giving yourself what YOU need has more power to transform your life than a word of the year. ⁣
Also, social media is convincing you that everybody else is doing something everybody isn’t doing. ⁣
Try following YOUR lead. ⁣
And allow yourself to change directions. ⁣
A lot. ⁣
Every day is the beginning of a new year. ⁣