[ < me > ]

[ < me > ]

when I think about 

the me

i now be 

i cannot help 

but remember

the me 

i used to be 

the me 

who helped me

to be

the me that 

i now be

the me

i thought 

i could never 

would never 

be capable 


to be 

i reflect on the 


that would ooze

from the me 

i used to be 

unfiltered hate igniting 

the combustion 

of my rage

flames inundating me 



in the vicinity 

of my firestorm 

like Midas i’d turn everything 

burn everything 

i put my hands on 

a different sort of  

golden touch 

more of an incineration 

i fought her 

fought me 

glowing heat 

of self loathing 

shooting from my flame-thower 

pointed at me 

calling for 

complete decimation 

of her

of me

i used to hate her

hate me

since the flames 

were in me 

surrounding me 

i could only see 



because of how 

it lived 

in me


in me 

my soul engulfed 

by the inferno 

that was 

the me 

i used to be 

i used to believe

they were coming for me 

it was not safe 

i was not safe 

how could i be

it wasn’t safe

i wasn’t safe 

with me

not with her 

not the me 

i used to be

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