Problem or Possibility?

It’s easy to fixate on our problems. ⁣

We ask ourselves and others, “Why is this a problem or Why do I have this problem or What is at the root of this problem???”

We tell ourselves on repeat that there is something wrong that we need to understand in order to move away from this problem we have that we don’t understand. ⁣

We convince ourselves that the moment we DO understand, we’ll be able to move on.⁣

I get it. ⁣

I did it.⁣

I can still do it. ⁣

⁣Here’s the thing…⁣

This pattern of problem-seeking keeps us attached to the pain which feeds the problem we say we want to solve.

What if we focused on the possibility? ⁣

⁣What if we focused on what we want? ⁣

What if we spent more time in what we DO want to experience and less time in what we DON’T want to experience? ⁣

Well, that can feel scary for those of us who have become familiar with our problems and feel good about ourselves for figuring things out. ⁣

It can feel scary for those of us who have learned to get our needs met as a result of the problems we have.⁣

We don’t know who we’d be without our problems because we’ve held them so long and have spent so much intimate time with them. ⁣

We’ve identified ourselves as problem-solvers and fixers and because we know we’re good at figuring out what’s wrong, we perpetually look for what’s wrong.⁣

We convince ourselves that we’re moving away from our problems by trying to understand and fix our problems which ends up keeping us attached to the problem(s) we say we want to release, but don’t *really* want to release because then we would need to look at what it is we really WANT but don’t have. ⁣

We convince ourselves that it is easier to look at what we have and pretend that it is what we want. ⁣


Because what if we admit we want it and it fails? ⁣

What if we admit we want it and it isn’t perfect? ⁣

What if we admit we want it and we struggle to achieve it? ⁣

What if we admit we want it and our relationships change as a result? ⁣

What if we admit we want it and people laugh at us? ⁣

What if we admit we want it and no one is interested? ⁣

⁣What if we admit we want it and we change our mind later? ⁣

⁣I’ve learned to answer the fears (often an illuminating conversation!) and then I ask myself a single WHAT IF in return…⁣

⁣What if I don’t try? ⁣

⁣If I don’t try, I will never know what was possible. ⁣

If I don’t try, I will never get to explore the edges of my magnificence. ⁣

⁣If I don’t try, I’ll never grow beyond where I am right now. ⁣

⁣If I don’t try, I’ll never give myself the experience of going all in on the main thing — ME. ⁣

And that last one? That one is no longer okay with me.

My wish for you is that you are brave enough to keep climbing your mountain in the presence of the WHAT IFS. ⁣

That you are willing to tap into the courage required to scrape your knees, bruise your arms & legs, and continue climbing. ⁣

That you stand at the edge of your magnificence and breathe in all that is possible. ⁣

⁣Go all in on you.⁣

⁣You’re worth it. ⁣


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