7 steps to get back to self-care

Insignificant: too small or unimportant to be worth consideration

I was with this heavy, gnawing, nagging feeling last week.  It stayed with me for most of the day on Tuesday.

Okay, to be honest, I’m probably being a tad bit dramatic.

It wasn’t MOST of the day, but it was present.

It was weighing me down and I didn’t like how I was feeling.

It was at about 9:30pm that evening when I connected with the actual feeling.

I felt insignificant.



Honestly, I don’t like admitting that, but it’s real.

My coach says, “Use your language to prescribe your future, not describe your past.” <– Brilliant, right?

And yet, just one week ago I was totally stuck.

Bogged down in my story of my insignificance.

Does this ever happen to you?

One moment you’re “crushing it” and totally on purpose and then then next moment, well, not so much.

Do you feel like your mood and energy can swing?

Sometimes week to week, but sometimes day to day?

And then there are other days where you feel all over the place on a moment to moment basis?

If you said yes, you are not alone.

I can feel strong and empowered and totally badass and then in the next moment feel like I am never going to match up.

Never going to be enough.

After some journal writing, I uncovered the catalyst.

I had clarity on where the insignificance was coming from.

I could see the truth of my actions.

Or more accurately, the truth of my INACTIONS.

I had accidentally stopped all self care.

Without realizing it, I’d abandoned all 1:1 connection time with me.

I had ceased scheduling any time for reflection or quiet time.

My boundaries were non-existent.

had been doing an awesome job at clearing time out in my day for meditation.

had been blocking out specific time to intentionally create and time to sit in a feedback-less environment.

had been taking baths in silence without my phone.

had been journaling.

had been doing yoga and pilates.

I had been riding my bike and singing.

had been playing.

I had been having dance parties with my dogs.

had been committed to myself and my self care.

Until about 3 weeks ago.

You know, when I got busy.

I headed to LA for a 5-day coaching certification.

I came home and received news that my father had a stroke.

I was “behind” on my work and “needed” to get caught up.

I was reacting to whatever issue was popping up in the moment.

Running around like a crazy person putting out fires.

Allowing my schedule to control me instead of creating a schedule that supports my life and happiness.

So, not so suddenly, in rolled the stories of overwhelm.

I told a friend that I felt like I was barely keeping my head above water.

Along with my disempowering stories of overwhelm, came the lies about how I’m not enough while simultaneously being too much.

I was pretty much sitting in a feeling of overall unworthiness.

Not so “all of a sudden”, these stories were my reality and all I could see was how I didn’t match up.

How I was failing.

And when I feel like that, I disconnect.


I isolate.

I go inward.

Not for reflection, but to hide.

And then I want alcohol.

I feel like I “need” a drink.

You know, to relax.

I tell myself that I can’t relax and get centered without alcohol.

More lies.

I very quickly slide down the slippery slope.

It’s incredible how fast we can get there.

To that place.

I began crafting this story about how my busy-ness is a badge of honor.

How “I’m SOOOOOO busy..” {insert eye roll} and then I cling to that busyness as my excuse for why I’m not performing.

Not recording videos.

Not emailing you.

Not editing my book.

Not emailing my prospective editor.

Not creating what I feel called to create.

Then in my downward spiral, I noticed something…

When I’m in this disempowered, “I’m so insignificant” place, I don’t TRULY celebrate others.

I can’t.

I don’t have the capacity to do so.

Sure, I can applaud and celebrate at a surface level, but it comes from an energetically weak and disempowered place.

Tuesday night I affirmed to a sister in my tribe, “You’re so great!”, but underneath that statement was my truth..

It wasn’t “You’re so great.”  

It was “You’re so much better than me.”

And those 2 sentences are totally different.

So, what did I DO?

Awareness is awesome.

But, ACTION is the only thing that will move the needle.

Here’s what I did…

#1 – I admitted what was happening

Instead of pretending, I was real with myself.  I

owned my feeling and said out loud, “I feel insignificant and I’m hiding.”  

#2 -I reached out for support

I texted a trusted sister coach and I told her what I was experiencing emotionally.

That being said, I don’t encourage you text a friend who will wallow in your disempowering story with you.

Reach out to someone who is loving, but who will advocate for the highest version of you.

And, someone you trust.  Someone you feel safe being real with.

This might be an accountability partner, a therapist, or a coach.

#3 – I journaled

Deliberate writing is a concept I learned where we write out a question on the top of a page and write non-stop for 10-15 minutes.

Even if you cannot think of anything to say, you just keep writing.

Pen to paper.  For the entire time.

There may or may not be any solutions that come out of the journaling, but it definitely helps to do what a client of mine calls “word vomit”.

Get it out.  Out of YOU and onto the paper.

Feelings have got to be expressed if we want them to move on.

If they’re not expressed, they will stay stuck in you forever.  Emotions that we bury alive never, ever die.

#4 – I unplugged

I turned off the computer and turned off my cell phone.

I took a break and walked away from my desk.

It’s super helpful to remove yourself from the environment you’re in.

Go outside.  Change rooms.  Go for a drive or a walk.

Changing your environment can have an extremely powerful impact on transitioning your energy.

#5 – I didn’t try to change how I was feeling

I didn’t need to discuss it in great detail, but I allowed it to be there with me.

Don’t rush rush this.

If you’re experiencing anger, feel it until you’re done.

If you’re experiencing sadness, feel it until you’re done.

If you’re experiencing any emotion, let it be there.

Feel it so you may be free to feel something else when it passes.

Allow it to take the time it needs to pass.

You don’t need to discuss it and keep it alive AND you don’t need to pretend it’s not there.

Just be.

#6 – I drank some water, ate a good dinner, and went to bed

In these moments it is VERY important to nourish your body.

Honor what it needs.

Water is always a good bet.  Lots of water.  I

t supports the releasing of the toxins in our bodies and hydration always feels good.

#7 – I decided that what I was experiencing was a good thing

Instead of beating myself up and judging the fact that I felt insignificant, I told a different story.

I decided this feeling must be here because I am growing.

It’s evidence that I am stretching myself.

I chose to believe that it was good that I had this experience so that I could become aware of what SIGNIFICANCE feels like.

The truth is, we need contrast.  Plus, it inspired me to write this blog post!  Winner.


What if you just decided that everything that was happening to you was working for your highest good?  All of it?

What if you just decided to be curious instead of judgemental?

What if you just decided to stop beating yourself up for being “here” again and recognized that you’re not “there again” you’re HERE NOW?

What if you went to the mirror and told the chick in the reflection that you are proud of her?  That you see her and you are learning to love her as she is?

Then what would happen?

What could happen?

What could change?

What if you’d BEEN doing that for the past year?

Where would you be now?

Me?  I coached a client this morning around creating a self-care checklist.

Things she can do to love on herself.

I’m doing the same thing.

Creating a list that I can reference and choose from everyday to remind myself that I’m important.

Because the insignificant conversation?  That was my way of telling myself that I needed some attention.

Not from anyone else.  From me.

I’m the one I was waiting for.

And the same is true for you.

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