Succeeding without losing yourself in the process

“Women are the greatest untapped natural resource on the planet.”
-Regena Thomashauer

For years I believed I needed to be something and someone other than me in order to succeed. ⁣

I didn’t think me as ME could succeed. ⁣

I mean, why would I? ⁣

Everything I was consuming was telling me directly or indirectly that I had to be different than me to “win”. ⁣

The people I saw modeling success were doing so from a masculine energy — and not always a healthy one. ⁣

They were pushing + striving, they were aggressively making things happen, and they were working hard. ⁣

And it was working. For THEM.⁣

So I copied it. I modeled what I saw working for other people and when it didn’t work for me, I assumed it was because there was something wrong with me + that I needed to try harder, be better, and overall just be less of who I was. ⁣

So assuming I was the problem, I kept pushing me down + I kept repeating the story that as soon as I could get rid of everything that was “wrong with me”, I would be able to be successful. ⁣

It never occured to me that IT wasn’t going to work for ME.⁣

Their strategies for success were totally misaligned with my true self. ⁣

They weren’t crafted to help me access + create from my *authentic* power. In fact, in order to succeed as them, I was suppressing my power. ⁣

I was operating under the belief that my power was a threat, not an asset. ⁣

Just because they are threatened by it, does not mean your power is a threat. ⁣

I didn’t see anything else being modeled so I didn’t know there was a way for me to succeed fully sourced from feminine POWER. ⁣

Recently, the feminine (in all humans) is waking up and feeling the tension between who they are, what they’re doing in the world, and how they’re going about doing it.⁣

And as I began to recognize this in myself, I thought I had to choose. ⁣

I thought it was either: ⁣

#1 — Give up on what I want to do in the world⁣

#2 — Keep striving + achieving in the way I’d been doing⁣

That’s a lie. ⁣It’s not either or. It’s not binary. It’s not this or that.

Both is possible.

There is a way to succeed without losing yourself. Without suppressing everything that you are. ⁣

How? I am in practice. I am in creation. I am in exploration.⁣

If you want to discuss or have feelings, thoughts, ideas you’d like to share, I want to hear them. ⁣

It’s time we tap back into the feminine – our planet’s greatest natural resource.

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