“Too much” & “Not enough” are the same story

I welcome anything that “triggers” me.⁣

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, what it means a thing that “activates” an emotional response.⁣

The “activation” could be of excitement, passion or joy, etc. and it can also be of anger, frustration, and irritation, etc.⁣

The thing that comes before the emotion is the trigger.⁣

A few years ago I found myself at a personal development event where I got triggered.⁣

I noticed myself becoming concerned with how others were receiving me.⁣

I had woken up inspired to share something I’d written inside of our private Facebook Group, but instead of sharing my writing, I felt the pause of, “I don’t know… Maybe it’s too much.”

So I didn’t.⁣

About an hour later I told myself, “You know what? This is valuable, I am proud of it, my heart says GO and I trust that.” 

I posted it.⁣

Mid-day, my coach made a comment that flipped my “Too much” trigger so I went to the group and took down the post.⁣

I felt defeated followed by deep irritation.⁣

As the day went on, things loosened up for me and slowly I began to return to myself.⁣

The truth is, I want to be loved and early on in life, I learned that I was “a lot to love”.⁣

My personality is big⁣
My energy is big⁣
My truth is big⁣
I feel hard⁣
I love hard⁣
I look loud⁣
I talk loud⁣
I laugh loud⁣
I am a lot⁣
Maybe, “Too much”⁣

Here’s what I know…

YOU are meant to shine as unfiltered light.⁣

Being afraid to shine AS YOU ARE is you operating in opposition of  your true nature.⁣

Your soul’s deepest craving is for you to shine authentically + unapologetically.⁣

THAT is where you’ll meet your power.⁣

Know this…

> The world wants us to forget⁣

> They want us to be afraid ⁣

> They are quite pleased with our “Too much” stories⁣

> They prefer we shrink, suppress + squash⁣

> They feel most powerful inside our disempowerment ⁣

Be radically disruptive and unleash your raw, unfiltered, divine powerful self into the world⁣

They too have forgotten who we are⁣

But like us, they will remember

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