Why hire a guide?

We all do better with a guide

In this article I want to address a few of the frequently asked questions about “coaching”


  • What exactly is a “coach”? ⁣
  • Why would I need a coach? ⁣
  • Who hires a coach? ⁣
  • Are people who hire coaches messed up? ⁣
  • Does it cost a lot of money to hire a coach? ⁣
  • What do coaches DO exactly? ⁣

What exactly is a coach?

⁣A coach is someone who pushes you, challenges you, provokes you, holds you accountable, & guides you toward your goals, dreams, and desires. (Even the ones that have fallen dormant inside you.) ⁣

Why would I need a coach?

⁣You don’t.

Not unless you are serious about achieving the things you talk about wanting. You know, all the stuff you don’t currently have and/or aren’t currently experiencing in your life.

Intangible things like… self-control, happiness, joy, peace, freedom, harmony, etc.

And, the tangible things like money, success, career, life partner, etc. ⁣

Who hires a coach?

People who want the above.

People who know life has to offer more than they are currently experiencing and recognize that the things they have been doing have not been giving them the results that they want and they’re tired of repeating the same day over and over and OVER again & pretending they’re fine when they’re not. ⁣

Are people who hire coaches messed up? ⁣

Only as “messed up” as the rest of us.

You’re human. You’re a human with a human brain programmed to protect you, NOT programmed to reach your dreams and goals. ⁣

Does it cost a lot of money to hire a coach?

It can. It doesn’t have to. And a bigger conversation is VALUE.⁣

So, what do YOU value? If you don’t see the value, $1 is too much money. ⁣


What do coaches DO exactly?

It really depends on the coach so if you’re considering hiring one, I recommend you schedule a consultation call with them so you can ask your individual questions and get a feel for the type of work they offer and if it’s a fit for what you’re looking for.

Coaching is as unique and personal as the coach doing the coaching and the client being coached & there are A 𝘓𝘖𝘛 of awesome & badass coaches out there. I can’t tell you what they do. ⁣

That said, at a high-level, I’ll share what I do as a coach…

I work with clients to free them from the disempowering beliefs that have kept them trapped in a pattern of repeating behaviors that no longer serve their higher purpose. ⁣

I help clients stop beating themselves up & forgive themselves for the past so that they can be fully present in their life, fully present with those they love, and fully present with their purpose. ⁣

I guide clients to reconnect with their authentic internal power-source so they can go after their dreams and desires without losing themselves in the process.

I guide clients to free themselves by unlocking the bars on the cage they’ve created so that they can move forward in designing a life that they are proud of while feeling accomplished, emotionally strong, and at peace.⁣

I create a safe space for clients to put down the masks of who they pretend to be.

I am a transformational evangelist. ⁣
I am a fierce and ferocious advocate. ⁣
I am a certified Neuro-transformational Results Coach. ⁣

If you’re curious or have more questions, let me know!

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