Are you alive in your life?

Burnout is a silent killer of women. ⁣

At a certain point, you wake up – suddenly alive in your life and ask your self, your god, your universe, “Is THIS all there is?” ⁣

This question typically comes after years of waiting.

Self-sacrificing with the belief that turns into a hope that turns into a wish that turns into a resigned state of being that one day… ⁣

One day it will be YOUR turn. It will be time for your dreams. Your desires. ⁣

One day the choices will be for you. Not you through them. You. All you. You through you. ⁣

We spend so much time being told implicitly and explicitly that our worth equals our worth and we learn that we’re okay if and when everyone else is okay. ⁣

Capitalist society benefits from our believing the former and the latter… ⁣

Well here’s the thing — everyone will never be okay. They’ll never be all set. They’ll never stop needing you. ⁣

Cutting that energetic cord is our job, not theirs. ⁣

And I don’t want to insinuate that’s an easy choice.

Is it simple? Sure. ⁣

But we struggle with it for years because of the decades upon decades of programming that we hear and see modeled. ⁣

Burnout is a silent killer of women. ⁣

Unacknowledged it leads to anxiety, depression, and disease. ⁣

During the day we smile and at night we cry ourselves to sleep. ⁣

We have placed our souls on hold for the happiness of others and since their desire for happiness never stops, neither does our soul suppression. ⁣

Often this pattern starts within those of us who as children trying to survive, learned to self-regulate our emotions through the emotional state of our caregivers. ⁣

And now this people-pleasing, can’t say “No” pattern is running rampant in the life of an adult who logically knows no one is asking her to destroy herself in the name of service and yet she feels powerless to control her self-destructive actions. ⁣

It feels dangerous to stop doing the thing she’s been doing for years. ⁣

Choosing herself seems risky at best and destructive at worst. ⁣

What about all the people who need her?

What if they leave and find someone else?

What if they get hurt because of her selfish choice? ⁣

What if they get mad?⁣

I’ve had many moments in my life where in desperation I’ve asked that question, “Is THIS all there is?”⁣

It’s not. ⁣

I want you to know that there are phases to this particular recovery journey and it is not a direct route. ⁣

But there IS more. ⁣

You can unlearn all the ways you’ve learned and you can learn new ones. ⁣

As we stop the suppression, we begin to reignite our flames, and we remember who we are. ⁣

We give ourselves permission to want and then we learn how to ask in a way that feels SO good to ourselves and those we are asking. ⁣

From that space, we will change our experience of life and in doing so, the fully-fueled, passionate, deeply connected feminine will begin to heal the planet. ⁣

You deserve to be alive in your life.


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