Wants upon a time…

I took this picture four years ago⁣
to the day⁣
January 3rd, 2015⁣

I remember this moment⁣
I wanted to capture it⁣

I was sad and pissed⁣
in a good way⁣
Fired up⁣
about my own self⁣

I’d been working with a coach…
Involved in personal development…
Attending live events…
Doing all of this for just over a year⁣…
And in this moment…
Standing in the kitchen in my condo⁣…

I was done
faking it⁣
acting like i was happy when i wasn’t⁣
I was done
with the bullshit
I was done
with MY bullshit

allow me to be ⁣

Standing there⁣
I didn’t have the answers⁣
I was struggling financially⁣
I was unfulfilled ⁣
I was working in a career I no longer wanted to be in⁣
I was uncertain of my purpose ⁣
I was unsure of my next moves⁣
I had no clarity on the how or the what or any of the specifics ⁣


The first step ⁣
The one i think folks frequently forget about ⁣
The FIRST step⁣
Is the one where you get tired of your own bullshit

You get tired of hitting the wall you keep hitting⁣
You get tired of the sexy stories (lies)
The lies you’re telling
about how you’re fine
about how it’s fine
about how you’re happy
It’s okay
you say
you’re okay⁣

You get tired
of being sick
You get tired⁣
of being so tired

Because it’s from THAT point ⁣
That point where you’re done ⁣
That point when you’re really ready to put down the struggle ⁣
It’s from that point⁣
things can change⁣
And by things⁣
I mean ⁣

E  V  E  R  Y  T  H  I N  G⁣

I didn’t know…

Four months after i took this pic I’d invest in a coaching certification⁣

I didn’t know…

One year after that I’d be a certified Neruo-Transformational Results Coach

And my friend
I didn’t have the capacity
I lacked the vision
to see that four years after I took this picture I’d be…⁣

Happier than I ever imagined was possible⁣
Fulfilled at a level I thought someone like me could never reach⁣
So on fire ⁣
Fiercely passionate⁣
Crazy wild ⁣
In love with me⁣
In love with life⁣
In love with humanity ⁣
On purpose⁣
Deep in my trust and knowingness that I’ve got me⁣

I knew people lived this way⁣
I’d heard of ’em⁣
I’d seen one or two ⁣
But I did not
SHE did not
know it was possible for her⁣

She had no clue what was coming for her⁣
And friend, neither do you⁣

My invitation is to get in the work on yourself⁣
Invest in your healing ⁣
THAT is what’s necessary⁣
That’s the answer to your struggle ⁣
It may not be the answer you’re looking for ⁣
It may not be the answer you want to hear⁣
But it is the answer⁣
The REAL answer ⁣
There are no shortcuts ⁣
No quick fixes⁣
No one-size-fits-all approach to your UNIQUE self⁣

You’re not broken⁣
You can heal ⁣
You can learn to love and trust yourself⁣
It is possible for someone like you⁣
It was possible for someone like me⁣

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